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Educators with experience leading successful initiatives supporting administrators and teachers to reach all students. 

About Us

Dr. Steven Brotherton

  • Superintendent of Schools, (8 years)
  • Assistant Superintendent, (5 years)
  • Elementary Principal, (8 years)
  • Elementary Assistant Principal, (3 years)
  • Elementary Teacher, (11 years) 

  • Possess diverse administrative experiences at both building and district level
  • Demonstrates effective leadership skills 
  • Goal orientated with the ability to initiate and implement programs and services
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to relate to varied audiences 

Steve has a tremendous amount of administrative leadership experience at the school and district level. He is well respected locally and throughout the state for what he accomplished as a superintendent. You can trust Steve to get the most out of staff members and deliver the desired project results. - Dr. Travis Bracht, Affton School District Superintendent

Dr. Jennifer Allen

  • Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, (6 years)
  • Director of Secondary Education,  (7 years)
  • High School Assistant Principal, (8 years)
  • High School English Teacher, (6 years)

  • Provided instructional leadership in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Utilized strategic planning skills to analyze data and make adjustments to programs
  • Facilitated district level committees on topics including school start times, diversity, and MSIP 5
  • Previously certified trainer in data teams and diversity

Jennifer Allen has extensive knowledge in the areas of curriculum and instruction, professional development, and strategic/improvement planning that result in higher student performance. She is an expert data analyst and is able to take information gleaned from a variety of data sources and share it in a manner that is clear and purposeful. Her presentation skills are outstanding, and she specifically tailors the content to the needs of the audience. I have no doubt Jennifer Allen will continue to positively impact teaching and learning through her consultant work in education.-Dr. Donna Jahnke, Ladue School District Superintendent

Stephanie True

  • Director of Curriculum, Assessment, & Professional Development, (7 years)
  • Instruction and Professional Development Coordinator/Literacy Coordinator, (5 years)
  • Writing Coach, (1 year)
  • Reading Specialist, (6 years)
  • Elementary Teacher, (11 years) 

  • Expertise in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and professional development
  • Experienced in continuous improvement at the classroom and district level, including serving as a Baldrige examiner
  • Strong coaching and facilitating skills
  • Well established professional learning network

Stephanie is the definition of a life-long learner and education professional. She is well respected locally and around the state for her involvement with professional development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. You can count on Stephanie to use the most effective approaches and exceed your expectations. - Dr. Travis Bracht, Affton School District Superintendent

How We Can Help

Combined Expertise:


  • Strategic planning
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assessment
  • English Language Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Building & District Administration
  • Community Engagement
  • Innovation (STEM, 1:1)
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Program Evaluation
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Consultation at the District or School level

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